We bring our community together in the city at our monthly LivingRooms. These are talks, screenings, dinners, and workshops that inspire living an integrated life.

We fuse science and spirituality, nature and urbanism, individualism with tribalism, productivity with wellbeing, and materialism with consciousness. 

Our speakers are often also our members. 

13 December: consciously complete 2017 


Has 2017 been a good year? Did you reach your goals? If not, do you know what held you back? Have you ever wondered why your deepest desires have not been fulfilled?

How we create our experiences moment by moment, how our life works (or doesn’t), is a reflection of our inner life (consciousness), our mindset, and feelings.

Join us for a conversation with our founder Janera Soerel and Kelley Black a Transformation Catalyst, Naam Yoga/Divine Spiritual Wisdom teacher, Executive Coach (specializing in Feminine Leadership/Innovation), and author of This Luscious Life. They'll share practices and techniques to get you (re)connected to your heart to help manifest your dreams. 

13 December.

9.00 - 11.00 am.

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Space is limited.  

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A weekend intensive for bold female leaders like yourself, who want to stretch beyond their comfort zones, manifest their purpose, and make 2018 their best year ever. 

Invest in your growth, alongside a hand-selected intimate group of women who will not only inspire you, but also hold you accountable. Together you will uncover your next level of growth and unlock your untapped potential and purpose, because women are the ones who are ready to take the lead for our—and our planet's—better future. 

Victoria Foster, Executive Coach & Managing Partner of Better Future U.S., and Janera Soerel, SecondHouse Founder and serial entrepreneur, will facilitate a space and program that fuels your soul, body, and mind. 

Weekend programming includes:

  1. Facilitated purpose & courageous leadership conversation
  2. Trusted dialogues with inspiring peers, who serve as your Personal Advisory Board
  3. Next step action planning & prototyping
  4. Yoga, meditation & country walks
  5. Delicious healthy meals & snacks
  6. Personal reflection time at our fabulous location