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How It Works

How It Works

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How It Works

How It Works

Schedule a Trial


We are year round. We alternate between kid-free and kid-friendly weeks. People without kids are welcome anytime, and holidays are open to all. 


Communal Dinners

Our weekly farm-to-table dinners take place on Saturday. Our commitment is to buy local and source from farms, fishermen, and vineyards in the region. 

Dinners are coordinated by the host, and everyone participates in preparing and clearing up. They are priced at cost, and BYOB.


The Host

The host makes sure everyone is well taken care of, and coordinates the communal meals in which members participate. The host is also connected to the local area and in the know about great food suppliers, and all the fun things to do.

The host is usually our founder, but increasingly members are taking the lead. Member Hosts enjoy bringing people together and organizing the meal. When a member is the host, her/his points for that specific stay will not be deducted. 



The North Fork house sleeps maximum ten people at one time, but we prefer being with eight. 

There are five bedrooms. Each sleeps two adults and maybe one small child (BYO kid's bed). Older children need their own bedroom. 


Membership Application Process

After you complete the application form, someone will be in touch for a friendly chat to learn more about you and share more about us. For details check out our Membership Page



Members can always bring a friend to share their room. The points are per night, per room, double occupancy. 


Trial Stay

Not a member yet? We also offer a trial stay, with a two-night minimum, except holidays when we ask you to stay three days. Get in touch to learn more.


Food Options

Some people bring their own food. Some like us to take care of it. The option is yours. 

If you'd like us to take care of all your food, you redeem 80 points per person per day. Full board includes snacks, and all ingredients for your meals. We don't prepare your meals, that usually happens communally.

Should you only like us to provide your breakfast and snacks, you redeem 30 points per person per day. Half board includes all ingredients for your breakfast, and snacks.


Cancellation Policy

We believe in first come, first served. However if you cancel with less than two week's notice, your points will be considered redeemed. 


Dog Policy

We allow dogs, but only one per weekend. Before bringing your dog, please connect with the others staying in the house at the same time to make sure nobody is allergic. You will need to keep your dog with you, and not leave him/her unattended at the house (to avoid a crying dog).


Security Deposit

We ask members for a $250 refundable security deposit, which we will use in case you, or your kid/dog breaks something, or makes a mess that needs to be professionally cleaned. 

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Q: When can I come?

A: Any day

Q: What does the full board mean? 

A: Having access to a full fridge to self-prepare your food, and participate in the common meals. 

Q: What does the half board mean? 

A: Having access to snacks and food to self-prepare your breakfast. 

Q: What if I don't eat certain things?

A: Let us know and we'll do our best to accommodate. 

Q: What if I want to bring my own food?

A: No problem. As we share all the food in the kitchen, we usually add up all the costs of the food people bring, and then divide by the number of people staying.  

Q: Where can I work?

A: There are five common spaces, each suited for work. We ask people to take their calls where others are not. 

Q: Do I need a car?

A: It is most convenient to have a car, especially if you want to explore. However if you don't have access to one, we can pick you up from the bus/train. 

Q: Who are the members?

A: We are a group of curious, creative, aware, purpose-driven, multi-facetted, and easy-going individuals who enjoy making new connections. 

Q: How can I become a member?

A: By filling out the Membership Application Form

Q: How does the membership work?

A: Once you have signed up, you can use your points over the course of a year. As you come stay, points get deducted per night. Points are per room, which sleeps two people, so you can bring a friend. Points in winter midweek are less than in summer in the weekend.

Q: How can I make sure I get the days I want?

A: We believe in first come first served, but we will also monitor the process to make sure everyone gets some of their preferred dates. 

Q: As a member, can I bring a guest?

A: Yes you can. The points are per room per night, double occupancy, so you can always bring a friend to share your room.