Communal Dinners

We host farm-to-table dinners on Saturday. Our commitment is to buy local and establish relationships with the local providers. The host coordinates the dinner, and everyone participates in preparing, cooking, and cleaning up. They are priced at cost, and BYOB.


The Host

The host makes sure everyone feels welcome, is introduced to each other, and feels at home. Besides coordinating the communal meals, the host is also a source of wisdom about the local area, and in the know about all the great things to see and do. 

If you're interested in becoming a host, please get in touch.  


Membership Application Process

After you complete the application form, someone will be in touch for a friendly chat to learn more about you and share more about us. For details check out our Membership Page



Members can always bring a guest. 



Food is not included. When we have our communal dinners, we share the costs.


RESERVATION/Cancellation Policy

We believe in first come, first served.

There is a two-week cancellation policy.


Dog Policy

We allow dogs, but only one per weekend. Before bringing your dog, please connect with the others staying in the house at the same time to make sure nobody is allergic.

You will need to keep your dog with you, and not leave him/her unattended at the house (to avoid a crying dog).

And most importantly, ALWAYS clean up after your dog. We do not appreciate stepping in dog poop, nor cleaning up after them. 


Security Deposit

We ask members for a $250 refundable security deposit, which we will use in case you, or your kid/dog breaks something, or makes a mess that needs to be professionally cleaned. 


Check in/out

Check in is in the afternoon, anytime after 3pm, and check out is in the morning, anytime up to 12pm. For members the times are more flexible, and vacating the room by noon depends on the need for the next day.