SecondHouse is the shared economy's solution to having regular access to a second home. Hassle free. 

We believe that living in bustling cities is exciting and fulfilling. However to be happy humans, we need to get out of town often to recharge, be in the company of friends, and break bread together. 

Our first house is on the North Fork of Long Island. And, our goal is to create a global network of country, beach, and mountain houses for our members to share. Oh, the places we'll take you... 

Curious about our new way of living? Read how it works.





“Perhaps it was inevitable that the sharing economy would, in all its professed virtue, come up with a way to make you feel as if you owned a [second] place when you didn’t have one.”


“Jealous of well-to-do friends who do their “working from home” at a beach house in the Hamptons? SecondHouse lets members share a vacation home without the hassles of upkeep or a mortgage. ”

“SecondHouse is exactly the experience people have been seeking: a chance to escape the city, feel a breeze, and walk in nature; contributing to a communal dinner, and by doing so, participating in a truly special ritual that includes real listening and exchanging of ideas; an opportunity (close by) to slow down, look around and realize how far you’ve come... and all the places you can go!”

— Dr. Anthony Lyon