JUne 29, 2017

We all know that eating wholesome food is the basis for good health.

We understand that food can be a source of energy, but it can also deplete us. Our Founder, Janera Soerel, talked with Dr. Robert Graham, Founder of FreshMedicine, and Galen Foulois, chef and Founder of RestoreFood.

They discussed which breakfast foods are energizing foods, which ones to stay away because they make us feel sluggish, and how to build new habits that stick.

See here the dishes that we learned about and enjoyed together. 

Quinoa Citrus Bowl

o   half  Ruby Red Grapefruit 

o   half medium Navel Orange

o   a cup of Red Quinoa

o   Arugula micro greens

o   rough chopped Raw Almonds

o   table spoon Extra Virgin Olive Oil

o   tea spoon Honey (preferably raw)

o   tea spoon Apple Cider Vinegar

o   pinch Sea Salt

o   fresh cracked Black Pepper

Soaked Oats Bowl with fresh fruit, honey, nuts and cinnamon

o   a cup of Organic Steel Cut Oats

o   a cup of Organic Almond Milk

o   table spoon Coconut Oil

o   pinch ground Cinnamon

o   half a Banana

o   four Fresh Strawberries,

o   some Fresh Blueberries

o   a splash Honey (raw)

o   Pecans

o   pinch Sea Salt

Popped Amaranth Morning Bowl

o   1 cup Amaranth

o   a dash of Coconut Milk

o   half a fresh Peach/Nectarine

o   half a Banana

o   a pinch of  Ground Nutmeg

o   a splash of Maple Syrup

o   a sprinkle of Walnuts