Q: When can I come?

A: Any day

Q: Where can I work?

A: There are five common spaces, each suited for work. We ask people to take their calls where others are not. 

Q: Do I need a car?

A: It is most convenient to have a car, especially if you want to explore. However if you don't have access to one, we can pick you up from the bus/train. 

Q: Who are the members?

A: We are a group of curious, creative, aware, purpose-driven, multi-facetted, and easy-going individuals who enjoy making new connections. 

Q: How can I become a member?

A: By filling out the Membership Application Form

Q: How does the membership work?

A: Once you have signed up, you can use your points over the course of a year. As you come stay, points get deducted per night. Points are per room, which sleeps two people, so you can bring a friend. Points in winter midweek are less than in summer in the weekend.

Q: How can I make sure I get the days I want?

A: We believe in first come first served, but we will also monitor the process to make sure everyone gets some of their preferred dates. 

Q: As a member, can I bring a guest?

A: Yes you can. The points are per room per night, double occupancy, so you can always bring a friend to share your room.