We also bring the community together in the city at our monthly LivingRooms at Soho House. These are talks, screenings, and workshops that inspire how to live the good life.

Our members are often our speakers, and sometimes we invite other experts to address the group as well.

And, we host monthly dinners in restaurants to continue these conversations. 


Women Entrepreneurs thriving
25 May


Have you wondered what it takes to moving past the idea phase to launching an actual company, whilst doing good, and balancing a healthy personal life?

Join us on May 25th at 9am for a conversation with Benita Singh (founder of Le Souk) and Melody Serafino (co-founder of The No. 29 PR company).   

Our founder, Janera Soerel, will talk to these whip smart women about success, motivation, the joys of delivering meaningful value, and enjoying the freedom of being your own boss. 

The event is for members only. RSVP here