We also bring the community together in the city at our monthly LivingRooms at Soho House. These are talks, screenings, and workshops that inspire how to live the good life.

Our members are often our speakers, and sometimes we invite other experts to address the group as well.

And, we host monthly dinners in restaurants to continue these conversations. 


FOOD as FUEL — 29 june

We all know that eating wholesome food is the basis for good health.

We understand that food can be a source of energy, but it can also deplete us. Our Founder, Janera Soerel, will be in conversation with Dr. Robert Graham, Founder of FreshMedicine, and Galen Foulois, chef and Founder of RestoreFood.

They'll talk about what it takes to choose energizing foods, stay away from the ones that make us feel sluggish, and how to build new habits that stick. This will be an interactive event with food. 

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