We bring the community together in the city at our monthly gatherings. These are talks, screenings, and workshops that inspire how to live the good life. Our members are often our speakers.

October 10: Sound Meditation

On October 10th, join our us in a curated conversation with Alexandre Tannous, globally renowned ethnomusicologist, sound researcher and sound therapist. 

Together we will explore the impact of sound on creativity, and how sound meditation can be a tool for self-healing. Alexandre will share examples and top the conversation off with a 30-minute sound meditation. 

The event starts promptly at 7pm, and is at capacity. 

November 3: FED Dinner

Screen Shot 2015-12-31 at 2.33.21 PM.png

Join us for a Community Dinner with FED - like TED, but you get fed. We'll feeds you delicious food, inspirational ideas, and the creative energy of your dinner companions.

We will discuss co-living and the benefits of being part of a collaborative and supportive community. 

Dinner starts at 7pm. 

Tickets are $50. RSVP here



9 November: Technology to improve your life


Are you interested in learning how to train your brain for peak performance in a scientifically validated way?

Join our founder, Janera Soerel, for a conversation and experience with Dr. Lana Morrow, of inFOCUS Forum™. They will discuss neuroscience and give practical tips on how to generate new neuronal pathways to strengthen the areas responsible for attention, executive function, organization, and planning.

9 November, 9.00 - 11.00 am

RSVP below. Space is limited. 

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