We bring the community together in the city at our monthly LivingRooms. These are talks, screenings, and workshops that inspire how to live the good life. Our members are often our speakers.


August 8th Eupnea: A Synesthetic Experience

eupnea 8 Aug.png

We have partnered with Chef Tilo Fola & Desirée Cadman Mendoza to bring you Eupnea, which is the simple art of breathing. Inhale scents, listen to music, savor the taste & textures of food infused with oils and liquors—Blindfolded!

Tuesday August 8th, 7pm

This event is sold out!

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September 11th: Sound Meditation

On September 11th, join our us in a curated conversation with Alexandre Tannous, globally renowned ethnomusicologist, sound researcher and sound therapist. 

Together we will explore the impact of sound on consciousness, and how sound meditation can be a tool for self-healing. Alexandre will share examples and top the conversation off with a brief sound meditation. 

The event start at 6.30pm.

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September 20th: Mordant Dinner 

On September 20th, we are hosting a Mordant dinner, which is part of a series created by artist, Victoria Manganiello, who invites guests to explore the intersections between food and fiber in Mordant. This is a series of dinners prepared by the artist and served upon a tablecloth she wove by hand. The meal is served in such a way that the food inevitably meets the cloth, demonstrating the color and dye potential of the ingredients cooked with the fibers woven. Prepared to leave lasting marks, Manganiello translates each dinner into a painting canvas which then becomes an homage to the ingredients, fibers and persons of a particular evening and place.

In collaboration with filmmaker Kristin Kremers, Mordant will be the focus of an upcoming film by the same name that explores our subliminal and ubiquitous connections to textiles and color. The film will follow Manganiello and Kremers as they conduct dinners around the world. New York and NYTM mark the one stop along this journey to document the nuances of color and cloth with dinners planned for Transylvania, Romania, Kyoto, Japan and others.

Date // Sept 20th  
Time // 6-9pm
Place // Edelkoort Inc, The Townhouse @ 354 W 11th St. (Under the stoop)

Price // $90/person, which includes food and wine.

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